Xperia Z3 VS Xperia Z4

Xperia Z3 VS Xperia Z4

Xperia Z3 has all the bells and whistles to keep it running for a foreseeable future but as with all other manufacturers and update to their current flagship is imminent, enter Xperia Z4. The transition from Z2 to Z3 was kind off, ... Continue Reading →
Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : Note the future

Its been few months to the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and rumors about Samsung galaxy Note 5 have started arising. Many top site have also written about it now . So to be believed Samsung might be launching Samsung Galaxy Note ... Continue Reading →
Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology

What are the Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology ?

Scrum is a methodology of agile framework used to manage, develop and complete complex projects by working on iterative development. It is used for agile software development where innovative approach is needed to meet the unpredictable ... Continue Reading →
5 Best Android Movie Apps

5 Best Android Movie Apps

5 Best Android Movie Apps Android phones being among the leading mobile technologies, there is need to develop quality movie apps which can be used by this phones to make sure the users are satisfied. Below are some of these which ... Continue Reading →
10 Latest SEO Techniques To Increase Search Engine Traffic

10 Latest SEO Techniques To Increase Search Engine Traffic

Search engine optimization requires latest updates and techniques to be followed for increased search engine traffic. What SEO in Dubai needs to do is to identify latest SEO techniques for good traffic and then executing those techniques ... Continue Reading →
Develop Software Tech Talk Mindtree Vice President

Develop Software to live beyond you: Tech Talk by Vice President Mindtree

Four years of engineering is not learning subject and getting score only. But it is way to think, it is learning approach how to solve the problem. It is very need to learn how to learn. Companies are growing too fast and getting more ... Continue Reading →
PCSkull Second anniversary

Celebrates PCSkull Second Anniversary

Dear all, Those were early days, I started blogging to spread knowledge whatever kind and to help all around. Squandering hours and hours in front of computer and getting hands on, I don’t know when it has become my passion.. ... Continue Reading →
Dr Dobb Jolt Award Tools For Mobile Application Development

Award Winning Tools for Mobile Application Development 2014

There are many of the tools for Mobile application development are categorized as coding, building and testing of the application as well as monitoring the usage, offering back-end connections, and also for pushing ads. During the ... Continue Reading →
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