How to Stop Facebook Videos from Autoplaying

When you open facebook wall, you might be come across autoplaying video streaming.  As like everytime experiment from Facebook, they have started by default video streaming on facebook wall. But I am not sure how many peoples are ... Continue Reading →
delete file with long name in windows step1

How to Delete File with Long Name in Windows

Many of us might have been getting this error “the source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system”. And this is tutorial that demonstrate How to Delete File with Long Name in Windows. When I take server ... Continue Reading →
Interesting Fact about Google

27 Unknown Interesting Fact about Google

Where there is the question, there is Google. Goole is everywhere right from testing internet connection to solve any big queries. it is part of students life to complete assignment , it is  part of the programmer to find the open ... Continue Reading →
LED Vs Plasma

LED Vs Plasma – Which TV Should You Get

A big-screen TV is neither a novelty nor luxury anymore, but a thing you cannot imagine a modern home without. Of course, not everyone can afford the biggest or the cutting-edge model, but the recent studies show that about three-quarters ... Continue Reading →
online recharge

Reliance online recharge – Fast and Hassle Free!

Stay connected with your loved ones every fraction of second and talk endlessly anywhere anytime without worrying about the balance in your phone because the reliance online recharge is there to overtake all your worries and frustration ... Continue Reading →
Record Screen in Windows save

How to Record Screen in Windows using Problem Steps Recorder ?

Many times we faced the problem like sometimes in software configuration, installation or even sometimes to accomplish the certain task. That time we remember the technical guy who is the expert in that and I assure everyone have ... Continue Reading →
Create Shortcut to Lock Computer

How to Create Shortcut to Lock Computer

Many times it is important to lock the computer instead of switching off. It will be very handy if we have one click shortcut to lock the screen. There is the simple trick that can able you to create Shortcut to Lock Computer. Follow ... Continue Reading →
What is IoT Key Challenges in IoT Development

How IoT is shaping the Future and Key Challenges in IoT Development?

What is IoT (Internet of Things)? IoT is the network of the physical objects. Objects can be any Things including digital devices, animals, people. IoT enables the communication among these things with or without the human interaction. ... Continue Reading →
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